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I first saw this on youtube, and actually quit halfway. I just threw my hands up and went "THIS is what he came up with!?" I thought it was real. It wasn't.

Animation, audio and *yadeyadebadabing* amazing stuff bruh! You never cease to amaze me with your talent Harry. You remain one of the best overall-animator out there. I think you could animate paint dry, and it would still be exciting.

And as far as april jokes go, this one is hilarious. Hits us right where it hurts. The feels.

Looking forward to the real deal bruh! Kisses from Sweden! *mwoah*

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Jaysus! After the genesis of youtube I've been gone from Newgrounds for a few years. And this is one of the first things I watch.

It's so good to be back! Your animation represents everything I knew and loved about Newgrounds; the eye for details both visually and in writing. The audio was great, and overall it left me with a good-feel-what-the-fuck kinda feel. Right now all I want to do is be done with this review, and rewatch it.

Also, seeing PsychicPebble in the credits made all the sense in the world.

Cheers! I enjoyed this a lot.

Chills down my spine man. Everything from sound, to ambiance, to animation was superb! Not only was the story in itself touching and relatable, but the characters and the setting was easy to remember and grasp.

I am so amazed at how you guys make such works for free. It's a real feat to make someone feel as much as I did when the credits hit, and I'm left with a sour taste in my mouth. This piece truly touched me.

Everything that makes up a flash was well crafted, and no detail was overlooked. From the stains on the floor, to the small dripplets of blood coming out of the tubing, nothing seemed to have been overlooked here.

5/5 and a belated good luck in the future mate!

Awesome work!

You really hit home with this one!

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I liked it.

Great, just great! This game isnt only stylish, its just so damn deep. Im so happy that you wont be adding a replay button. This game defines us, if played thrue seriously. Being the open minded type, trying to find deeper meanings to things, it made me think.

I also read "Blade9000" comment and the game became so much more real to me.

I hope to never be put into a situation where i have to chose between my familly and more time.

Thanks man, id like to consider this a work of art.

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Poor clown..

I had a great time playing this game, and i just loved the graphic style and the controls.

I did however miss some sort of dodge mvoe, that didnt require jumping, sort of like a tuck and roll move. :P

To be honest there's not much to say here other than you guys are great at what you do!

Now ill just hold my breath untill you get madness onto Xbox and PS. ;D


Short, sweet and relaxing. Just what i needed this evening. :)

Cant really say much about the game, because i felt its perfect the way it is.

Kudos :)

But i agree with ViceO, colours emerging as you progress thrue the game would be a really nice touch to it.

But to be honest, id much rather see you leave this one as it is and work on a sequel. ;)

The crowd is pleased, but now they want more ;P

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Now, don't let the score discourage you. If it makes you feel any better you can just check out my songs, they be horrible.

The things that puts me of isn't the song, it's the multiple songs. It feels like you're experimenting, not knowing what you actually want to make. There isn't really any hook or whatever in it. Every time I'm about to get into the groove, something drastically change and keeps on morphing.

In all honestly I'm sure you know what i mean, otherwise you wouldn't be looking for critism, am I right?

All in all, you're on the right track my friend. Thanks for sharing mate! I love all you creators out there. I wish i had the tenacity to keep doing what you do.

DJTechElric responds:

Thanks bro. Honesty is exactly what i want. I have been experimenting quite a bit. I feeling out where in the Electronic genre i fit. The thing is tho each song is me and my style. I got big plans and everyone's advice helps out alot. DnB is where my heart lies and there are going to many more like this track but I plan on using everyone's advice to better my craft of forging music in my blender. I appreciate your advice and it will help me alot on my next track. I going to revamp this track as well as starting a new track. Much love, and be sure to keep an Eye open for more songs soon to come.

+DJ Tech Elric+

Amazing piece mate! I'm humbled by how many talented people reside here on Newgrounds. I just think it's a shame you guys don't get the exposure you deserve.

Wonderful creation friend! You must be proud.

Oh, and thank you for sharing! Much appreciated!

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Warhector responds:


I <3 u

What more can i say? I just love this, plain and simple.

It makes me feel like such a suckage knowing how i cant manage making even a basic tune in FL studio (check my profile.. Even the beat's off -_-) and you made this just like that. : <

I do envy you :P

Im just saying, its awesome!

No complaints, just praises. ^^

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Effin love this! Im just annoyed with darnells affro, but everything else is just awesome. The look in their eyes are just spot on! Dunno what else to say..

Also; if you guys take the time to look at the bottom, you'll see bob. me thinks Bob are a webmanager for NG, and Bob sais this pic rocks.


and a <3 ^^

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Hawhaw yeah! Flash is my fav hero too! Startrek? Gtfo, flash's teh man!



Smooth artwork and nice punchlines, and alot to read in authors comment. Whats not to like? :D



Torogoz responds:

Thank you so much for the kind comments, hope to keep you interested in future comics strips.


Effin love the idea man! Im a sucker for games n such, and thus i sometimes keep myself busy thinking about "How would i cast a spell?" I salute you my good lad for not only bless me with this feast for my screens pixels, but showing me in what way i would reanimate a corpse. (Hurling fireballs straight down would prolly look kewl, but prolly not that efficient.)

Anyho i am in no way a nerd cause a facebook poll told me im not, thus making any assumptions that this is the case will be deemed invalid.

Awesome work dude! 5/5

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